The New Dual-Force:

More heaters than any other two person sauna on the market combining the amazing pain relief and deep penetrating far infrared stimulation of 100% ceramic heaters along with the short wave soft heat of the bio-spectrum carbon heaters on each side.

  • Costs only $3-$5 per month to operate
  • Regular 110v 20AMP plug - comparable to running a 1400 watt hair dryer
  • Quality cabinetry and construction: an enhancement to any home
  • 100% non-toxic wood inside - cedar stanied exterior
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 90 Day Risk FREE Trial
  • ETL Certified

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The Far Infrared Sauna produces infrared heat at the same level that our human body emits. Rather than heating the air and your skin 93%-97% of the Lux Spa Far Infrared Heat penetrates very deep and very quickly at a much lower temprature because there is no resistance. The deep penetration helps melt away toxins and acids in the human body.

Hi-Q Austin uses innovative infrared technology in all of the saunas that they manufacture. This infrared technology has been clinically proven to help people lose weight, reduce stress and rid their bodies of harmful toxins that can lead to poor health. Hi-Q Austin sells a wide variety of saunas that are all crafted out of high-quality Canadian Spruce. Hi-Q Austin is committed to customer satisfaction and only sells saunas that are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Hi-Q Austin Infrared Technology

The technology that Hi-Q Austin uses is far superior to any other type of sauna technology on the market today. Traditional sauna technology produces heat that does not penetrate deep within the skin. Therefore, the health benefits are limited. Hi-Q use high-quality infrared technology that is top of the line. Infrared technology is unique because the heat that it produces is actually similar to the energy produced by the sun. The infrared heat penetrates deep down into the skin quickly and effectively. The heating elements used in this technology move at the speed of light so heat penetrates your body the instant you enter the sauna. You would have to spend an hour in a traditional sauna to get the same health benefits that you get in a Hi-Q in about 30 minutes.


There are many benefits associated with using infrared technology. This type of technology helps to increase blood circulation and rids the body of harmful toxins. Harmful toxins can store in the body and cause poor health and weight gain. Using a Hi-Q just a couple of times a week will rid your body of these toxins and help you to lose weight and enjoy better health.

Purchasing a Hi-Q Promotes Relaxation and Mental health

Hi-Q Austin understands that the everyday individual is extremely busy with work and family responsibilities. With all of these responsibilities, people often feel stressed and tense. A Hi-Q is the perfect environment for an individual to relax and meditate. The warm temperature of the spa will allow your muscles to relax. This can help relieve pain and stress you are feeling in muscles, tendons and joints. The stillness and calmness of a Hi-Q can also help your mind to clear and for ailments such as headaches to be relieved. The oxygen ionizer installed in each sauna will enrich and nourish the air around you and free your mind of everyday concerns.

We encourage customers to leave the worries of the day behind when they enter their sauna. Many people listen to soft music, think peaceful thoughts or read a book when in the sauna. The calming environment of the sauna will allow your thoughts to slow down and stress to be relieved. Many people find that when they spend just 30 minutes a day inside a Hi-Q, they feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Hi-Q Austin is committed to providing high-quality saunas made with the highest quality infrared technology. This technology is very beneficial and promotes good health, relieves stress and can help people lose unwanted weight.


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The wavelength of infrared light can vary greatly, ranging from .75 to 1000 microns. However, distinctions are made between near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared lights, depending on the wavelength. Far infrared, the source of Hi-Q Sauna Denver's healing technology, is measured between 4 and 14 microns, where 9.4 microns is the deepest penetrating. Infrared light of this wavelength promotes blood circulation and causes water molecules to resonate, which encourages perspiration. Far infrared light penetrates much more deeply into the body and heats it more effectively than traditional heat sources, meaning that when you sweat from an infrared sauna, that perspiration is coming from deep within your fat tissue, whereas traditional saunas only affect the fat just below your skin.

By encouraging blood flow and perspiration, Hi-Q Sauna Denver's infrared saunas provide a revolutionary way to remove toxins and fat from your body while improving all around general health. Never before have so many health benefits been available in one device. Consider how a Hi-Q Sauna Denver infrared sauna could improve your own health.

Far Infrared Sauna Technology and Health